Evan White of Viddy Interview

As publishing evolves, so too do the mediums in which we publish. Some fade while others blossom and grow. A hundred years ago, nobody would have thought of video reporting but now it’s one of the most popular media types. In this Future of Publishing episode, Murray Newlands interviews Evan White of Viddy about how Viddy might create yet another change in how we create and distribute media.

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Chris Brogan Interview – Video Creation for Business

Many video production people live in Los Angeles but the tech hub is San Francisco. As a result, there is a high demand for video content creation even though there are a lot of video production people out there. In this Future of Publishing interview, Chris Brogan and Murray Newlands talk about how to create engaging video content and why it’s important for businesses:

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Social Media Content Creation – Ramon De Leon of Domino’s in FoP

Murray Newlands interviews Domino Pizza’s Ramon De Leon about social content creation in this Future of Publishing. De Leon is one of the forerunners of deploying social media in a business environment so he knows a thing or two about social content. Hear what he has to say below:

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Affiliate Marketing Tips Part 3 – Future of Publishing

Oliver Roup is sharing the last episode in a three-part Future of Publishing mini-series about affiliate marketing. Last week, we shared part two of the affiliate marketing tips series. This week’s episode is about affiliate fraud. Now we’re sharing part 3:


  • Faked data is obvious…
  • Just look back to Research 2000’s fake polls in 2010…
  • But it’s easy to catch if you pay attention to detail and look over it manually; any cheat can beat an algorithm but fewer can beat common sense
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Affiliate Marketing Tips Part 2 in FoP

Affiliate marketing tips videos are often very basic, and don’t really tell much. Last week’s Future of Publishing video (linked above) went beyond that as Oliver Roup of VigLink gave in-depth interviews with affiliate marketing gurus. This week, we continue the interviews in part two in Future of Publishing. Check it out below:


  • Know who you’re marketing to…
  • Spend time writing good copy…
  • Remember that you’re a trust agent!
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