It’s Time for You to Stop Being a Broke Loser!

Okay, I admit that subject line might be a bit harsh. You are probably not a loser, but I do know you aren’t anywhere near where you want to be in life financially right now. You are living without much extra money, if any, and you aren’t nearly as happy as you should be.

How do I know that?

Because you are still reading this post!

So, it’s time for you to do something about it. The longer you wait to take control of your financial future, the worse your situation will get. Don’t continue to waste your life dreaming about a better life when you can start creating one right now.

We almost kept this a secret for ourselves but we decided to share it with you in order to help you start a real internet business that will allow you to earn a very significant extra income. If you follow this simple system and stick with it, you will make money — Lots of it!

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Every minute you wait is another minute you go without the lifestyle you deserve! Delay at your own risk. We are limiting the number of people we allow on our team in order to keep it a close community where we can all personally help and support each other. Your success is our mission!

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Is Running an Internet Home Business Right for You?

At this point in time, it’s really no secret to anyone that owning your own internet business can be highly rewarding. But what most people don’t consider is that it can also be a major pain in the butt. If you aren’t sure whether or not starting your own online home business is right for you, then you have to consider the major pros and cons, and really think about whether or not you can do it.

Running your own business can certainly mean a lot of wonderful things for you. There’s no doubt that being your own boss can provide a lot of freedom, and virtually no limit to the amount of money you can earn if your business really takes off. Also, once you have your income streams going strong, you can take time off whenever you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor, which makes taking family vacations much easier.

However, it’s certainly not all fun and games. Far from it actually. There are some major cons to running an internet business that you should consider before starting up. If you aren’t a self starter then running your own business definitely is not for you. Being your own boss means setting your own schedule and meeting your own goals. Nobody is looking over your shoulder to make sure things get done.

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult parts of having your own internet home business is the money situation. It’s often impossible to know exactly how much money you will be making from month to month. And for your first year or two, it’s highly likely that your profits will be very low. You might even lose money for several months at a time before ever seeing any kind of profits.

You definitely need to plan ahead for some potentially tough financial times before diving into a home business. It would be wise to want to save up at least 6 months income before even starting your own internet business. Unless you plan to keep a day job in the beginning, which is probably a good idea.

Yes, it is obviously hard to ignore the benefits of starting your own online business. Being your own boss, making your own decisions, setting your own schedule, and being in control of your own income are all appealing to almost anyone. But you need to be honest with yourself and decide whether or not you can handle the stress of running a business, or if you even have the motivation to keep going through all the tough times that surely lay ahead.

While the pros of running a home based web business may be appealing, if you are not cut out for it, you will definitely regret the decision somewhere down the line. Take the time to truly examine your personality, financial situation, dedication, and so on. Then, sit down and figure out if running a business is really for you. Trust me; you will thank yourself for it later.

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Social Databases for Marketer-Publishers

Targeted advertising requires you to have information about who you’re advertising to. This is true regardless of whether it’s PPC or affiliate marketing. Even PPM can be more valuable if it’s more targeted. In this Future of Publishing episode, host Murray Newlands looks at advertising from a historical perspective and shows how lead generation has changed.

Future of Publishing is sponsored by VigLink.

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Republish Great Articles for Free – RepostUs

This week sees the return of Future of Publishing with Murray Newlands’s analysis of RepostUs. Sharing articles has never been easy because of duplicate content but Repost.Us gives publishers a Google-safe chance to get great content without having to write it! Find out how below:

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Evan White of Viddy Interview

As publishing evolves, so too do the mediums in which we publish. Some fade while others blossom and grow. A hundred years ago, nobody would have thought of video reporting but now it’s one of the most popular media types. In this Future of Publishing episode, Murray Newlands interviews Evan White of Viddy about how Viddy might create yet another change in how we create and distribute media.

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