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3 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website

The term “backlinks” is used in internet marketing to mean links from other websites pointing back to your own, or incoming links. They are also often called “inlinks” or “inbound links” but they are all the same thing. Why are backlinks important? Because the more incoming links you have pointing to your website, the higher relevancy the search engines give to your site in relation to the keywords that people use for searches.

For example, if your site features information about internet marketing (as this one does) and people search online for “internet marketing strategies” then you want your website to be listed in the first spot – or at least one of the top ten spots, if possible (hopefully mine will in the near future). One good way to accomplish that is to build plenty of incoming links using the anchor text “internet marketing strategies” and similar phrases. Anchor text means turning the keyword phrase into a live link so it looks like this – Internet Marketing Strategies – as opposed to using a standard URL format like this – – or whatever your domain is.

The HTML code used to create an anchor text link would look like this:

<a href=””>Internet Marketing Strategies</a>

If your website features high-quality information, it’s possible that people will link to your site naturally, but you’ll still want to do plenty of link building yourself too. There are plenty of ways to do this, and below are three popular way to build backlinks to your website:

1) Article Marketing

There are hundreds of article directories online that are happy to allow a link back to your website in exchange for a quality article on your topic. Using the example above, you could write articles sharing tips on all sorts of various internet marketing topics, and in your author bio box include an anchor text link back to your website. If you write and submit plenty of articles, you’ll be building plenty of quality backlinks.

2) Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking sites like,,,, and others allow you to post links to your favorite sites, and your own can be one of them. Many of these are nofollow but some of they are dofollow, and they all help to an extent. Even better, if other people like your site they can bookmark it too. If you offer high quality information, you could even enjoy a bit of viral linking as people pass your link around.

3) Satellite Blogs

Beyond your main website or blog, you can also create smaller, niche-focused blogs that feature your articles and several anchor links back to your main site. Some of the better known blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress are easy to use for this purpose.

When possible, try to create backlinks on websites that rank well in the search engines. A link from a site with a Google PageRank 6 (PR6) will carry MUCH more weight than a link from a site with a PR0. The more popular and older the sites you can get a link from, the better.

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Two Things Every Internet Marketer Should Do Daily

When you have an online marketing business you need to continually work on tasks that improve your traffic and income. There are a couple things you should do daily in order to keep improving your internet business. Here are two things every internet marketer should do on a daily basis…

1) Write Content

One thing you should do every day is write some content. It can be an article that you plan to submit for article marketing, a new post on your blog, a new page for your website, or some other type of content that directly adds to building your internet marketing business. The more you can write the better but at least write some content every day.

Just make sure you aren’t writing for the sake of writing, if you know what I mean? You need to provide value to the reader with your content. Quality is more important than quantity. Make sure you also edit for spelling and grammar errors. It doesn’t need to be perfect but you don’t want it full of errors because your website visitors will judge your internet business based on your content.

2) Get Backlinks

Even more important than content, at least in terms of search engine optimization or SEO, is backlinks. These are also called “in links” or “inbound links” but they are all the same thing. Whatever you call them doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get them every day.

Those two things seem so obvious that they don’t even need to be mentioned but the fact is that most internet marketers do not do these two things every day or even close to it. They are vital to your internet marketing business success and you need to start spending a lot more of your time doing them if you aren’t already.

By doing these two simple internet marketing strategies, you will be ensuring that your online business continues to move forward. You’ll be greatly increasing your online presence while improving yourself and your internet business.

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Search Engines Are Your Internet Marketing Life Support

When it comes to internet marketing, you will always have competitors and some of them will be bigger and better than you are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed as an internet marketer. You can always do things a little bit different than your competition or use a unique twist in your marketing efforts. However, to get your business out to the maximum number of people and effectively compete with the opposition, you need your website to be ranked highly on the search engines. Being on the first page of the SERP’s for competitive keywords in your niche will guarantee a steady stream traffic to your online business.

Getting ranked highly on the Google should be a major concern for you as an internet marketer. Statistics show that as much as 80 percent of internet users use Google to search for information or products. Nobody knows for sure the exact criteria that Google uses to determine its rankings but there are some well-known methods you can certainly use to achieve higher Google rankings.

One important ranking factor is your website content. Quality content that is updated frequently is very important for achieving (and keeping) high rankings. Of course, when I say content I mean articles, information, blog posts, and other text on your site, not the graphics. Although flashy graphics might impress your visitors, they won’t help you in gaining high search engine rankings. Search engines use robots or “spiders” to crawl your website and evaluate the content. These spider programs generally won’t be able to decipher the information in your flashy graphics so you don’t get any credit for that content. 

Another important factor for ranking high in the search engines is keywords. You need to optimize your site for the keywords you want to rank for. Just having a website with the prices and the names of products will not get you very far with the search engines. If your site is about internet marketing and you want to rank highly for searches related to internet marketing then you need to make sure you have those keywords sprinkled throughout your content and pages.

Finally, you need inbound links in order to rank highly on the search engines. These are commonly called backlinks or inlinks but they are the same thing. Inbound links are simply links pointing to your site from other sites. There are plenty of ways to get backlinks and the more you have the better it is for your site. But remember that high quality inlinks from sites related to yours carry much more weight in the search engines.

Also, one thing that you should avoid in order to help your search engine rankings are spelling and grammar mistakes. This will put off potential customers as a result of appearing unprofessional and it has also been found that more than multiple spelling mistakes can cause search engines to lower your rankings. 

It’s no secret that high search engine rankings are very important for internet marketing success and I’m sure you now realize that keeping your website high on the search engines will be an ongoing part of your online business.

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Combining SEO and Ebooks – Powerhouse Internet Marketing!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the top driving forces for website traffic and one of the best internet marketing techniques for making money online. SEO ebooks can be a powerhouse internet marketing strategy for many reasons that will be explained here.

Google and other search engines do list ebooks in their search results these days as can be seen by doing a search on just about any topic. Results for many searches nowadays end up showing text and links from ebooks. With the strong lure of free downloadable ebooks, this is great for searchers because they download the document, save it to their computer and continue reading it as needed. Imagine the potential of this for internet marketers who publish ebooks!

Let me give you some examples of what an eBook on the subject of SEO itself might be able to accomplish by applying the power of SEO to it…

SEO ebooks are highly sought after by webmasters so they can figure out how to get their sites ranked highly in the search engines so they can get more traffic and make more money. But they are also very important to SEO professionals, web designers, content writers and technical writers because they can use these techniques to enhance their knowledge and the marketable scope of their work. It’s very important to know the techniques before creating a web site, or content for a web site.

Therefore an ebook on SEO ranking high in the search engines, will instantly reach millions of webmasters, writers and designers, many of whom would definitely download it if it’s given out for free! There are a lot of SEO and internet marketing based products which could be instantly marketed through the free ebook that would make money for the author (you) through affiliate links. Not to mention the fact that it boosts the sale of any product which you intend to market yourself. 

Imagine if you reach the top 10 on Google for various searches involving SEO or Internet marketing. Your ebook would be downloaded thousands of times and you would become an instant expert and authority on SEO! Not to mention the money your ebook would be passively generating for you from the affiliate programs.

Your ebook can also be given away for free by anyone who wants their customers to know about the benefits of SEO and internet marketing, thus leading to more profits for you without you doing anything at all.

The opportunities for making money from SEO and a well written free ebook are virtually endless!

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Are Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Different?

Many people use the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) interchangeably as if they are the same thing. But they are very different internet marketing techniques and should not be referred to as one thing.

Search Engine Marketing is a term to describe the full array of promotional technologies used by internet marketers to increase their online traffic as well as visibility for their websites. Search Engine Optimization is just one part of the whole SEM equation. When you talk about SEO you are basically referring to a number of strategies for getting a website ranked highly in search engines.

Search engine marketing experts employ several internet marketing methods concurrently:

1. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising. This is a form of SEM where you pay to be ranked for certain keywords. Advertisers (usually internet marketers) pay for listings in search engines (Yahoo, Google and others). Search engines display ads in various spots in their listings as well as on websites based on the prices they receive. Google Adsense is the most well-known and successful PPC program on the internet.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are a lot of strategies that are used together for SEO. This includes inserting strategic keywords to websites often after carefully studying those used by their competitors, in an effort to increase their own rankings and site traffic. It also includes getting inbound links using any number of methods that can be used for obtaining backlinks. And using meta tags and title tags effectively. SEO is a whole internet marketing strategy in itself that takes a lot of time to learn and implement. SEO techniques are constantly changing and internet marketers have to always be learning to stay on top of the strategies.

3. Paid Inclusions. For advertisers, it often pays to be a part of marketing or shopping search engines, such as BixRate, Froogle, Shopzilla, MySimon, DealTime, and many others. It helps them to lure shoppers to their own websites for other purchases and customer lists.

In the current high-tech marketplace, entire organizations exist to provide internet marketing consulting, web developing, SEO and SEM solutions. Larger companies often have their own in-house staff to handle and implement internet marketing strategies. One of the main objectives is to create search engine friendly websites that attract large amounts of traffic and appeal to their target markets.

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