Easy to Follow Site Flipping Strategy

Here is a simple, straightforward and powerful site flipping strategy that you can use to make money online fairly quickly and easily…

1) Find a niche for the site

There are many different ways to do this but one good way for sites you are going to flip is to go to Clickbank.com and look at what’s selling there. Check out the top 5 or 10 products in each category to get an idea of what’s selling in many different niches. If it’s high up on the list then it’s obviously selling well, so you could choose one to build a site around.

2) Research the keywords

I just use the Google keyword planner tool because it’s free, easy to use, and works well enough for me. You can use another tool if you want but there’s really no reason to. It’s totally up to you.

Look for keywords that relate to the niche you chose above in step one. For example, if you chose the weight loss niche because of how well the products are selling on Clickbank, you could use keywords such as:

weight loss tips
how to lose weight
healthy weight loss
fast weight loss
natural weight loss

And so on…

Choose maybe 10 to 20 keyword phrases that you can base your websites articles/posts around. You will also need to write the articles or hire someone to write them for you, so you can post them on the site as soon as you get it built.

3) Register your domain

Now it is time to register your domain name. I recommend GoDaddy.com for that simply because most of your potential buyers will either have an account there, or will at least know what godaddy is, so it makes it much easier to transfer for free.

You should always try to get a domain name with the main keywords in it or something relevant. For example, using our sample keywords from above you would want to register something like weightlosstips.com if it was available. You can also check .net and .org to get a good domain, but get a .com if you can. Anytime you can get an exact match domain for your keywords you should always do it. Only add extra words when necessary.

4) Build the site

I’m assuming you already have a web host if you are looking into flipping websites, but if you don’t then I highly recommend HostGator.

I usually just use the wordpress.org free publishing platform (this is different from their wordpress.com version so don’t get them confused) to build the site/blog because they are popular, free, easy to install, have a lot of great plugins, simple to use, have tons of themes to choose from, and so much more. Basically they are perfect to use for building sites to flip. Plus, if you do use hostgator then you can easily install wordpress with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Once you have the site live you need to add the content that you wrote up in step two.

5) Promote the site

There are a few fairly quick and completely free things you can do to promote the site to start getting some traffic to it and maybe even make a little money from it. This is a very good thing to do before you flip it because it looks great to potential buyers and can really increase the value.

The first thing I recommend doing is to submit a few articles to directories. This is a good way to start getting traffic and building backlinks. You should write maybe 5 good quality original articles and submit them to ezinearticles.com as well as a handful of other top article directories. Be sure to put a link or two in the resource box to your site.

Another thing I recommend doing is social bookmarking the site and the articles you posted. This can be done quickly and easily with social media services such as imautomator.com or socialmonkee.com or several other social tools out there for free or a very small cost. You can also just do it manually. I’m sure you already have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, Delicious, and other accounts of your own. How much traffic you get from this depends on a number of factors, it could be a lot or very little, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to do.

Finally, you should find several blogs and forums related to your niche, and post comments on them or replies to threads. This is another way to get several free backlinks and traffic for very little effort. And it will look good for your auction when you sell the site. Be sure to only post legitimate replies on posts that are relevant to the niche of your site.

Of course, you can do as much marketing as you want. The more the better. But this should be sufficient to help increase the value for a site flip.

6) Build Web 2.0 support sites

Use blogger, tumblr, livejournal and others to build smaller support sites that link to your site for more backlinks and some extra traffic. This goes along with promoting the site in step five but it takes it a little further and looks even better to potential buyers. Plus, you can include some of these web 2.0 support sites in the sale if you want. Not all of them allow you to transfer to new owners but some do.

7) Site maintenance

This is an optional step. If you plan to flip your website immediately then you can skip it. However, if you plan to continue to build several sites for selling at a later time then this step is important.

Monitor and maintain the site to see if traffic and rankings are increasing, and if it starts to make money. If not, you can do more promoting of the site as outlined in steps five and six as well as using other internet marketing strategies. The more traffic, higher rankings, and earnings you can show the site has — the more money it will be worth.

8) Flip it

Selling it on Flippa.com is likely your best option for a quick flip like this but there are other marketplaces you can also sell it on if you want. The amount you get for each site will vary greatly based on several factors. It’s impossible for me to tell you right now how much money you will make from each sale. It can be a lot, it can be just a little, or you might not be able to sell some of them at all.

If you really want a rough ballpark estimate, I would say you can probably get around $300 for a site you built from scratch following the steps above without doing anything else, and much more for an established site. But as I said, it’s hard to tell, and you will certainly get much more or much less for different site flips. Either way, it can be a great way to make money online considering the actual time and effort needed to work this simple site flipping strategy.

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