Making Money Blogging Basics for Beginners

There are literally thousands of people who are making money blogging right at this very moment, and hundreds of new blogs are becoming profitable every day. Yes, YOU can make money blogging, and it’s really not quite as difficult as you might think. Yeah, I will admit, it’s not the easiest thing in the world, but anyone can do it if they are willing to put in the time and effort necessary.

The first thing to remember if you are started a new blog is to stay away from the “Make Money Online” (MMO) niche. It is very hard to make money blogging in the MMO niche. There are many reasons for that but I won’t go into them right now other than to say the competition is fierce, profits are low, and it’s simply not worth the effort! Just take my word for it, you are FAR better off building a blog in a different niche.

There are thousands of easier niches you can tap in to and make money blogging about them. All you have to do is use a free keyword tool and do a little research. Start with things you are interested in or know a lot about, and go from there. You should be able to find a good niche pretty quickly. The more it gets searched for, the better. However, volume of searches is not the only thing you need to take into consideration. You are looking for niches that have a fairly large market with money they are willing to spend, and not a lot of competition.

You can find the first one with the Google keyword planner. It will tell you the approximate monthly search volume for any keyword phrase and how strong the advertiser competition is, and a bunch of other useful information. If there is a lot of advertiser competition then it’s usually a good indicator that the niche has profit potential.

Then, you need to see how much competition there is for that keyword phrase. An easy way to do that is to go to Google and search for it in quotes. The results will come up with sites that are using that exact phrase on their sites. You can see that number at the top of the search results page. You do want some competition, but not a ton.

Once you find a good niche then all you have to do is set up your blog and start blogging (writing). WordPress and Blogger are popular blogging platforms that are free and very easy to use. After you get some blog posts written and published you should start getting inbound links (backlinks). This can be done through article marketing, link exchanges, dofollow blog commenting, buying links on related sites, guest blogging, networking, site directories, social bookmarking, forums and many other ways. Be sure to learn about SEO before you jump into this!

Updating your blog often with quality content and getting relevant inbound links will increase your search engine rankings and start bringing in a lot of traffic to your blog. Once you have the traffic, you can put up some affiliate links, do reviews, sell advertising spots, publish Adsense, or any of the other methods there are for making money from a blog.

That’s pretty much all there is to making money blogging. Of course, this post is a very summed up and simplified guide for how you can make money blogging for free. But it is the general basics of how you do it. Use my tips as a guide and do some research for a more in-depth explanation of anything you don’t understand. You could have your niche picked and blog set up in a matter of hours, and be making money from it very soon.

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