How Can I Increase My Site’s Sales?

Here are some tips for how to increase your site’s sales with site acceleration and other useful tactics!

* Have a good SEO campaign

People need to be able to find you online so that they can go to your website, so pretty much all marketing campaigns these days use a search engine optimization program where they pay money for third-party companies to place links on websites.

One of the first mistakes many inexperienced marketers make when marketing a product that will benefit from SEO is that they try to go as cheap as possible. All link building companies are the same, they think. They do a Google search for SEO companies and find one in India that will give you a backlink for fifteen bucks. All goes well for a few months. Then, their site suddenly disappears from Google. After a few days of research, they find out that they’ve been blacklisted from Google and removed from the search index.

* You get what you pay for

Something that sounds too good to be true usually is. If you hire an outsourced company with writers who barely speak English, they’re only going to be able to get backlinks onto spam blogs. Google is pretty good at figuring out which blogs are spam blogs. Usually there are a few networks of blogs that trade backlinks with other spam blog networks, creating what is called a mutual admiration society.

On the other hand, SEO companies with native English-speaking writers get links on websites with actual human readers, and write articles that appear more genuine to robotic crawlers. If you find a really good company, they could even write posts with content geared toward lead generation, so you get more leads from the SEO produced by the links in the posts as well as from the posts themselves.

* Use site acceleration

Most potential leads are lost within eight seconds of clicking on a link, so you have at most eight seconds to convince somebody that your landing page is worth reading. Even if they’ve already bit the hook in your meta description and your header, they’ll still click back or go to a different site the vast majority of the time.

What this means is that people get impatient quickly when your site doesn’t load. This was less of a problem in the 56k era when people were used to waiting for a site to load, but now people are less tolerant since they don’t have to wait for sites to load very often. Tablets present another problem since people can just swipe back and don’t even have to move their cursor to their browser’s up arrow anymore. Plus, even if people do wait, they will be frustrated with having to wait for so long, so they are less tolerant of a landing page that doesn’t immediately catch their interest.

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