Monetizing Your Blog with Two Great Ways

There are a lot of good bloggers with highly focused niches, but the authors still don’t know how to make money off of them. Almost everybody these days knows how to use Adsense ads, but there are other ways that can be used in conjunction with Adsense that you can use to make money off your website.

I’ve been in online marketing for years and I can share two great ways that you can make money off of your blog:

1) Monetizing your text

Companies like INTENTclick, Kontera, and Viglinks work in a pretty unique way: They create advertising links on text that is on your blog. When somebody’s mouse goes over one of these links, a pop-up shows up which they can then click on.

Some of the older in-text monetization companies like Infolinks only pay you for each click, but the more modern ones like INTENTclick pay you a higher rate if you have a higher conversion rate. This is great for publishers (like bloggers) because it means that they get more money, and it’s great for people trying to sell products and services online because it incentives bloggers to produce high-quality content that is aimed at people who are likely to convert farther down the sales cycle.

2) Publish an eBook

Once you have a large amount of readers on your blog (or even if you do not if you do good SEO work), you can publish an eBook, which has two main ways of making money:

* Give the eBook away for free – The most common way to make money off eBooks is to give it away for free. You ask people to provide their email address and provide other information, and inform them that they will receive information about offers, or you can have them sign up for your newsletter as a requisite for downloading your eBook. Most people do not like it if you sell their data to other companies (that’s how you would make money if you go the “special offers” route) so make sure you clearly inform them if you do that. If you send them a weekly newsletter then you can put ads in the letter but keep your trusted readers’ information private.

* Sell the eBook – Selling the eBook can work really well if you have established yourself as a trust agent and if you have an audience that is wealthy enough to buy it. Pricing can be tricky but you need to keep in mind how much money you would be making per person (on average, though there can be high variance) if you had given your book out for free. Remember that people usually use PayPal and they can take a hefty rake!

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