Getting Business Feedback from Social Media Networks

Asking for feedback from people on social media networks can be one of the best things you could do to help your internet business grow and find more ideas to make it even better. Be prepared though because asking them for their honest opinions can often times bring out some pretty nasty things about you and your business, or even your entire industry. But that is actually a good thing because getting to know what your customers, potential customers and other people truly think, although sometimes very harsh, can be a life changing experience that will help you and your business grow to be a lot better.

It’s tough to do but you just have to not be afraid to let your guard down for a little while and ask people for feedback on social media networks. A great place to start would be Facebook. Although the opinions you get from FB might be a bit biased because the people you will be asking are typically your friends, family, business associates, industry peers, and other people close to you. But asking for honest feedback from them and then building upon it from other sources where the people might not be as close to you such as Twitter, LinkedIn, forums, and other social networking websites can be a great way to get the information you need.

Fixing the negative things you are told can often be the hardest part because you may not agree or you might take it personally. Just remember not to take criticism personally or negatively, but instead as something that is positive and will help you to grow your business by fixing your mistakes. If someone tells you that your information product (ebook) is horrible and you should never write again don’t get defensive or depressed. The best thing you can do is ask them for details on why they said that and more information on what they think the problem is so you can look into it and fix it.

Solicited Feedback:

Social media sites let you interact directly with the people who might be your potential customers or who already are your customers in a meaningful way. If you have taken the time to develop good relationships with your friends, followers, fans, and customers on social networking sites, they will be happy to help you if you ask them to. If you engage with them on a regular basis and use your social media accounts the way they are intended to be used, you should get a good response any time you ask a question, or send them a request for feedback.

Unsolicited Feedback:

The feedback you ask for can be very helpful in determining the future of your online business and internet marketing strategies, but unsolicited feedback can be much more beneficial. If you are active on social media networks, you will find that sometimes your customers and peers will send you both positive and negative business feedback without you even asking for it. Unsolicited feedback is great for two reasons… First, it’s extremely honest. Your customers are sharing their feedback with you because they truly have something to say, not because they were asked. Second, your customers might surprise you with the ideas and advice they present. They might come up with things you hadn’t thought of on your own and maybe never would have. And those ideas can help you to evolve your products, services, and overall business in a way that suits the wants and needs of your customers.

You should not be afraid of feedback whether it is positive or negative. Either way it can only help you and your business to be the best you can be. Have an open mind and wisely use the information you get, you might be surprised at how much it actually does help. Social networking sites are some of the best places to get the feedback you need. Go for it!

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