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As an internet marketer one of the most important things you can do for your website or blog is to make it user friendly. Many people focus on the theme and design of their website or how SEO friendly it is, but they don’t think about whether or not it is actually user friendly. After the major components of the back end of the site are done and the SEO plan is worked out, it is important to have a user friendly site that people want to stay on and come back to.

I don’t know how many times I have been to websites or sales pages and wanted to find the back button as fast as I could in order to get away from it. Some website designs are just plain awful. If the website design isn’t good, the reader will often lose their place, get lost in the clutter, or have a hard time knowing where to go or what to do next.

The reason so many sales pages for products are only one page and have a fairly simple design is because it works. The simplicity of the design allows the user to know exactly what the product does, where they need to go next, how to order, and all of the other information the designer/company wants them to see.

In contrast, a highly cluttered sales site with multiple pages, pop-ups, flashing banners, movies playing automatically, and an unfriendly design will have a much harder time getting their point across in a way that allows the user to feel they benefited from their visit. Most visitors will want to get away from a site like that and the internet marketer will lose the potential sale.

There are so many reasons to keep your design simple, from a user’s standpoint, the ability to find the information they need without searching the entire site is a huge help. Keeping navigation straightforward and in the same area will allow users to always know they can go back there to find what they need next.

Using large enough fonts and adequate reading room is a must. You want your user to be able to easily scan your site for content to read. Most people don’t read an entire sales letter. So make it easy on them by using headings and bold when appropriate to highlight the main points of the copy as well as bullet points, numbered lists, etc…

Having a user friendly website will save you a lot of time and hassle dealing with issues later and will certainly help you to make more money with your internet marketing business. Keep advertisements organized and friendly, content in an easy to read column with minimum clutter, and always have a good navigation structure so it’s easy for users to get where they are going and benefit from your site. If the user enjoys their time on your site they will most likely become a subscriber, customer, loyal reader, or do whatever else it is that your site is trying to get them to do.

Sometimes internet marketing strategies can be applied before you actually go out and start promoting. Having a user friendly site is one such case.

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    Vanessa - Best SEO Company // August 12th, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    This is essential, by making your website user friendly, you are more likely to get people to stay on your site and look at all the services your business has to offer. Also, by adding a few “tricks” to your site, search engines are more likely to pick up on your site.

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