Keeping Your Customers as Customers

It might not roll off the tongue very smoothly but in business it’s very important to keep your customers as customers. Basically that just means keeping them coming back for more. It’s no different with an internet marketing business where you need to you keep your customers happy so they will remain loyal to you and hopefully spread the word to bring you more business.

The problem is that this is something many internet marketers tend to overlook when they are building an online business. They don’t think about keeping customers around because they see the internet as having an unlimited supply of new customers always coming in. But brand loyalty is very important in internet marketing because you can earn a lot more money from repeat customers than trying to convince some random person to purchase who landed on your site from wherever and doesn’t know anything about you.

I’d say a good definition of internet marketing brand loyalty is the ability of an internet marketer to retain customers over a period of several months to several years, and to receive referrals from those customers. It takes time and resources to find new customers even online, so you might as well work on retaining the ones you already have to save yourself the effort while making money in the process!

The best way to retain customers is to create value, and lots of it. Underpromise and overdeliver! If you are selling a product make sure it is extremely high quality and useful. Create a forum and training videos only available to your customers. Give your readers a reason to stick around, not just through your mailing list, but other areas as well. No one likes to feel used, so by creating value you can also create a market for your future products.

Maintaining a sense of community can be one of the hardest parts of internet marketing but also one of the most useful. You need to remain engaged with your customers and target market on a regular basis or you will lose them very quickly. A forum that you visit daily and a regularly updated blog can both be very helpful in doing this.

Also, providing incentives or ways for them earn money such as through an affiliate program can also help you to keep your customers coming back. If they have a potential to make some money off of your great products that they already purchased, why wouldn’t they want to? Provide them with a reason to stick around through quality content, great support, exceptional value, delivering on promises, customer service, bonuses, free updates, training, trust, and so on.

Keeping your customers coming back should be one of the main focuses of your internet marketing business strategy. Repeat business is the best kind and building a solid brand with loyal customers should be something you strive for all the time.

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    Kevin @ Work at home business // June 10th, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    you are right , keeping your existing customers are very important not only to online business but all business in general.
    You will make more money from your repeat customer plus they will be spreading the word about your business and that new customers in my book.

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