Forum Marketing: Some Do’s and Don’ts

Forum marketing is one of the most popular internet marketing methods. This is especially true for the make money online niche. Highly successful online businesses have been built solely from participating in forums. However, there is an art to forum marketing. One wrong move could ruin your reputation and crush your online business or get you banned from your favorite forum. This post is going to give you some of the do’s and don’ts of forum marketing. Ignore these at your own risk as they could save your internet marketing career!

Let’s start with the things you shouldn’t do because these are the things that most people can’t seem to avoid doing for some reason. The first thing you should NEVER do is spam a forum. Most forums do not allow affiliate links in posts or blatant advertising of any kind. That means no posts where you’re either giving a link to one of your money making programs or directing other members to your signature. Spamming is one sure way of getting your posts deleted or getting banned from the forum altogether.

Another thing you want to avoid is arguing with other members, especially the moderators, admin, and the senior members who have been there a long time. It’s okay to get into debates on topics. There is nothing wrong with that at all. However, getting nasty and abusive is crossing the line and if you go too far, this can also get you banned quickly. In other words, learn to play nicely with others just as you do when you are with them in the real world.

Another big don’t is bragging about your income and accomplishments and then telling other members what they MUST do in order to be successful. When you start speaking in absolutes, you can run into problems with other members. For one thing, you’re giving information that is based solely on your own experience and may not apply to everybody else. It’s okay to give your opinion, but don’t preach it as gospel.

As for the things you should do when utilizing forum marketing, the main you really need to remember is to follow the forum rules and regulations. That means read them before you post and follow them when you do post. Many members don’t do this and it’s a HUGE mistake. You can’t possibly know how to conduct yourself at a particular forum if you don’t know what the rules are. If you’re not sure of something just ask. There is nothing wrong with asking a question. You only run into problems when you assume something is true when it isn’t.

Another thing you should always do is actually participate in the forum discussions. Answer questions when you can. Ask questions when you need to. Be a part of the community. Don’t be there just to get your signature link in front of people. That will not work! Forum marketing only works if you become a well-known and respected member of the forum. Eventually the other members will trust your opinion because you have proven yourself to give real and legitimate information.

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll find that your forum marketing experience will be a pleasant and profitable one. Not only that, you will ultimately end up making a lot of friends and some of them may end up playing a big part in future successes that you have, such as potential joint venture partners.

Don’t abuse the forums because they might just be the boost you need to bring your internet marketing business to the next level and can be a gold mine for you!

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