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Network marketing on the internet, or internet network marketing, is a great way for the average person to start a home business and potentially earn a very good income. Many successful internet marketers started their businesses through network marketing.

However, there is often a negative perception of network marketing in the eyes of many people because of all the hype that often accompanies it. I am sure you have seen some variation of these: “Make $100,000 a month in your spare time!” or “I made $5,000 my first week!” or “Check out my new Lamborghini I bought after just three months!” and all the other ridiculous claims you often see associated with MLM. There have also been some MLM scams that have ruined the reputation for all the legitimate network marketing businesses out there.

Those of us involved with internet network marketing know that some of these claims of extraordinary income are true but they are the rare exceptions to the rule rather than the norm. Just like in the offline business world, there are businesses that make Billions of dollars per year, but most don’t. The majority are small businesses that make good enough profits for their owners to live comfortably but not extravagantly.

The truth is that you can build a successful business and make a good living through internet network marketing but you won’t get rich quickly. Internet network marketing as a business isn’t very difficult, but it’s definitely not easy either. You will need to learn how to market on the internet, figure out a system for getting sales and other members to join, help your downline duplicate your success, and do many other things on a continual basis.

Internet network marketing is all about constantly getting your opportunity in front of a targeted audience and building relationships with prospects and recruits. You will basically be looking for business partners and a loyal customer base. But you really want to find super motivated and trainable people to join under you so you will make money from their efforts and decrease your work load.

There are many good network marketing companies out there that you can join to get started in internet marketing and making money online. You will have the best of both worlds by combining the power of the internet with traditional proven methods of marketing offline.

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