Combining SEO and Ebooks – Powerhouse Internet Marketing!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the top driving forces for website traffic and one of the best internet marketing techniques for making money online. SEO ebooks can be a powerhouse internet marketing strategy for many reasons that will be explained here.

Google and other search engines do list ebooks in their search results these days as can be seen by doing a search on just about any topic. Results for many searches nowadays end up showing text and links from ebooks. With the strong lure of free downloadable ebooks, this is great for searchers because they download the document, save it to their computer and continue reading it as needed. Imagine the potential of this for internet marketers who publish ebooks!

Let me give you some examples of what an eBook on the subject of SEO itself might be able to accomplish by applying the power of SEO to it…

SEO ebooks are highly sought after by webmasters so they can figure out how to get their sites ranked highly in the search engines so they can get more traffic and make more money. But they are also very important to SEO professionals, web designers, content writers and technical writers because they can use these techniques to enhance their knowledge and the marketable scope of their work. It’s very important to know the techniques before creating a web site, or content for a web site.

Therefore an ebook on SEO ranking high in the search engines, will instantly reach millions of webmasters, writers and designers, many of whom would definitely download it if it’s given out for free! There are a lot of SEO and internet marketing based products which could be instantly marketed through the free ebook that would make money for the author (you) through affiliate links. Not to mention the fact that it boosts the sale of any product which you intend to market yourself. 

Imagine if you reach the top 10 on Google for various searches involving SEO or Internet marketing. Your ebook would be downloaded thousands of times and you would become an instant expert and authority on SEO! Not to mention the money your ebook would be passively generating for you from the affiliate programs.

Your ebook can also be given away for free by anyone who wants their customers to know about the benefits of SEO and internet marketing, thus leading to more profits for you without you doing anything at all.

The opportunities for making money from SEO and a well written free ebook are virtually endless!

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