Ebook Resale Rights – An Effective Internet Marketing Solution

We all know what an ebook is, right? Almost everybody has at least seen an ebook by now, whether you knew it or not. Certainly everyone in the internet marketing world has read one. If you don’t know what one is, they are those electronic books that you read online, and are usually in pdf format. Ebooks come on just about every topic imaginable.

Just like “real world” paper books, they are subject to copyright laws. Plagiarism or selling without permission is strictly punishable under copyright laws and anyone who gets caught can face harsh penalties. However, many publishers of ebooks offer resale rights to them so their customers can sell them on their own websites, blogs, or anywhere else online and keep 100% of the profit. This is great for internet marketers!

The publisher will typically charge a fee to obtain resale rights and then the customer can sell the ebook for whatever price they want. With basic resale rights the customer can usually sell it but can not modify it or claim to be the author. If you buy resale rights to an ebook you need to make sure you know exactly what you can and cannot do with those rights. Make sure you ask the publisher that you bought the rights from so you don’t do anything that could get you in trouble.

Selling ebooks is one of the most profitable online money making methods in the internet marketing world right now. Many internet marketers cash in on various niche markets by writing ebooks and selling them. Today, you can find them on pretty much every topic under the sun. If you can’t write well or simply don’t want to take the time to write your own ebook you can take advantage of resale rights being offered by an existing author.

Many top selling ebooks today are online business oriented. Information products on stock trading, making money in real estate, making money online and other internet marketing topics tend to do very well. Many self-help ebooks and those that teach personal transformation and growth, weight loss, enhance self-image, etc… are also very popular.

With more and more people getting into internet marketing these days so they can work at home, obtaining resale rights to an ebook and selling it online is one of the best ways to make money. The amount of marketing that can be done with ebooks and money that can be made is virtually unlimited. Since it can be adapted to almost any product or niche, they represent one of the best methods for internet marketing.

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