How to Use Well Written Articles to Dominate Search Engines

One of the hardest parts of internet marketing is actually getting people to your website. It’s not easy to get people to search for your website, find it, read it and take the action necessary to make money for you. Some of the best traffic you will get is from visitors who found your site via search engines. So you need to be at the top of the search engines.

That brings up the question of how to get the attention of the search engines? Well, there are several internet marketing methods for doing this but one of the best is to write articles and publish them on your website. These articles should be written with search engine optimization techniques in mind to maximize your rankings. This is one of the most cost-effective and simple ways increase your search engine rankings and website traffic. Needless to say, your website must have value to it so the visitor is actually getting something out of their time visiting you!

Search engines can be an internet marketer’s best friend, or worst enemy. If your online business site contains irrelevant content for instance, or hard to digest information, then no matter how well you have optimized your key words for the search engines, your page ranking will drop faster than it rises – after all its humans who need to be able to read it, not machines. SEO must go had in hand with good, well-structured content. When the search engine crawler comes across the keywords in your site, the overall content of your site must match.

For good keyword optimization, one of the things an internet marketer needs to consider is “keyword density”. This is helpful to make sure that the main keywords show up enough times to catch a crawler’s attention, but low enough to maintain readability. Most keyword densities should reside between 3 to 5 % – any higher and you risk being rejected as a spammer. Some sites will still raise this percentage in order to get more hits, but this will not usually work in the long run.

More and more potential customers are getting online to do their own research before any purchase, and websites have become more than just marketing tools. Its your electronic showroom so to speak, and the more well-written and informative SEO articles you produce, the higher your chance for ranking high in the search engines and making money online as an internet marketer.

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