Don’t Register A Domain Name Until You Read This!

So you have decided it’s time to register a domain name, start a website, and get into internet marketing. Or maybe you are just looking to start another website to expand your online business empire. Whatever your situation is, there are a few things you need to remember before registering a domain name.

There are many benefits of having a good domain name, and before you decide on one you should know that short, catchy, and descriptive domains are best. Although it’s very hard to find domains that have all three of these traits it can still be done. If you have to settle for a domain that doesn’t have all three of these then I suggest throwing out the descriptive part because short and catchy is more important. You can brand any domain so it doesn’t have to be descriptive although it should be if possible.

There are literally millions of domains with websites up on them and millions more that are registered but not in use. Sometimes people will register them for future use, or to resell them at a profit, or they just never get around to putting a site on them. Most of the short, catchy, and really good domains have already been registered over the years so it’s pretty hard to find a perfect domain. Just imagine if you would have been the one to find – – – – – or any of about a million others that are as perfect as those domains are.

It is easy to check and see if your domain name is already registered and if it is, you can always check other extensions or find a different domain that is available close to the one you wanted. Extensions are at the end of the URL, such as .com or .net or .org. As far as internet marketing is concerned, it’s best to have a .com domain.

Once you have the right combination, then immediately register your domain before someone else beats you to it. Yes, it can happen, on more than one occasion I have found a domain that was available and within minutes it was already taken because I took my time getting it registered.

Some internet marketers say that the domain isn’t important but I disagree. I’m a firm believer that the domain name is important! If your website has an easy-to-remember URL then the chances of visitors coming to your site increases dramatically. Or if it has a catchy domain people will want to come there just to see what it’s all about and they will remember it. If it’s descriptive people will know what your site is about. A good domain name can be a huge part of your marketing strategy and marketing is what makes you money. And the whole point of internet marketing is to make money!

It’s also easier to advertise a shorter domain name. Often times you have a limited amount of space to put your link so if your domain is really long you won’t have room. Plus, a nice catchy domain will sometimes go viral and bring in thousands of visitors just because everyone is talking about how great it is. Or if your domain is descriptive you can strategically place your URL in locations without needing to put an ad to let the potential visitor know what your site is about. It can virtually advertise itself!

Choosing the right domain name costs nothing extra except a little more time to carefully contemplate the decision. However, it can have a dramatic effect on the success of your online business. Finding your domain is the first step of internet marketing and taking time to get the first step right will have a lasting impact on your online business and all the other internet marketing strategies you will be using for years to come.

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    Audrey // March 30th, 2008 at 6:49 pm


    I love your blog. I’ve been fortunate in registering domains. I don’t discuss it with anyone and I just buy it if it’s available.

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