5 Essential Success Support Tools to Enable and Promote Victory in the Internet Marketing Arena

So much is promised across the internet from all the “experts” who are determined to show you “The One Way” to succeed in the Internet Marketing Arena.

I call it the “Arena” because internet marketing is not a spectator sport. You must have, or work on developing, the “Fortitude and Burning Desire” to enter that “Arena” and “Fight” for your rightful place in that world if, you really want to achieve victory on your Internet Marketing Success Quest.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I’m here to tell you that I know you can do this if, you really have a “Burning Desire” to do so but, there are 4 prerequisites for success in the Internet Marketing Arena, that you must be aware of and that you need to know and embrace before, you launch your Success Quest:

1 – Make an unalterable personal commitment that you will “Never Give Up Striving,” to achieve the success that you need so badly.

2 – Never stop asking questions and never, let anyone dissuade or intimidate you, to stop asking questions. Continue to persist in being inquisitive and you’ll succeed.

“The most important thing is to be inquisitive and not to stop questioning”- Albert Einstein

3 – There is not just “one way” to succeed in the Internet Marketing Arena.

There is just “your way” and you have to find that way by “digging deep and being patient.”

4 – Please consider my humble advice. I would like to introduce you to “The b.u.d.d.i Concept.”

These 5 essential tools: balance, unwavering, develop, decision, inretrospect, or better known as “The b.u.d.d.i Concept,” will help guide you and prepare you for your launch and more importantly, it will shore up your confidence and empower you to comfortably and eagerly approach your Success Quest starting line. Let’s get started:

The b.u.d.d.i Concept


“I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.” Zig Ziglar

Success in life and business is about “Balance” or “Equilibrium.” It’s about remaining mentally and physically flexible, thus being able to reasonably adapt to reality’s whimsicalness and quirkiness.

It’s about working on developing an all-encompassing physical awareness of your surroundings. It’s about conditioning your attitude and your minds-eye to be able to detect or determine undesirable shifts in your priorities for life and business.

It’s about bringing all of this together to create a balanced state of mind and, a state of equilibrium between your personal and business lives.

Life is a balancing act between the things you love to do and, the things you hate to do. To achieve success, one of your goals that should always be a priority is to strive to affect a balanced environment for you and your success support core group.

“Balance… The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great power around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are a wise person.”- Euripides c. 480 – c. 406 BC.

The Bottom Line: A potential state of equilibrium, or balance, is essential for your success in life and business. You may ask “What the heck has this all have to do with me becoming a superstar in the Internet Marketing Arena (IMA)?”

There’s a concept I call “The Ripple Effect Conundrum” that basically calls for you, as an entrepreneur, to take a firm stand and be honest, responsible and transparent with the people who are the closest to you.

IMPORTANT: Balancing your personal life with your emerging entrepreneurial life is essential for a smooth shift into the Internet Marketing Arena. You need to clearly understand that whatever you choose to do, will absolutely affect many other people near and dear to you, thus creating “The Ripple Effect Conundrum.”

If your fervent desire is to become an adept and successful Internet Marketer, knowing what needs to be done to shift your life, from comfortable and ordinary to exciting and extraordinary also demands that you acquire, a panoramic “viewing” pattern of your sphere of influence.

This new and exciting life shift will bring forth a multitude of new situations and challenges at home and in the office. Deal with it today. Let me repeat that: Deal with it today or face tough consequences later.

I strongly advise that you bring your close people even closer and, bring them up to speed immediately on what you’re doing.

Discuss the new time constraints that you’re going to face. Discuss the potential financial upsides that everyone will enjoy. Discuss the challenges and realistic downside risks, and most of all, give them as many reasons as possible why this is going to work and how it’s going to work. Make your people part of the process.

Be real about everything but do it now.

Warning: Be aware that Lack of information and simple misunderstandings when added to the daily entrepreneurial stressful events, will make for a potentially explosive situation.

Reality plus these added stressors create resentment, confusion, mistrust and very possibly, the subsequent total breakdown of the existing relationship.

These are pervasive circumstances that are all too common in the world of business and beyond. A perfect storm you might say. Ambiguous, or a total lack of communication, only worsens the situation and creates the business and relationship decimator, that’s way too powerful to contain once unleashed. Take care of this or, it will not be pretty later on.


Introspection and contemplation are tools that will support your very worthwhile and responsible undertaking to achieve “Balance” in every part of your life.

Make personal and business communications and informational fact-finding an acquired behavior pattern. Practice them daily and never assume anything.

Be clear, be straight and most of important of all, don’t just “hear” someone but really listen and understand them. Know what you want to share and, know how you want to say it. Discuss the situation with an impartial advisor if possible. Get an unbiased opinion from someone you trust.

Achieving a “Balanced Life” is a simple but profound process: Ask Questions + Gather Information + Gain Knowledge + Acquire Understanding + Disseminate Information + Communicate Transparently.

Don’t Be a Know-It- All

Everyone thinks they ‘know best’. They ‘all know’ that the IMA is easy, and that they’re going to make a fortune within a few months. Reckless decisions, without broad due diligence, are made when this mind-set creeps in and, you act on it without considering the ramifications.

Blunt assumptions, and not relying on solid research and facts, can be highly self-defeating and, could have dangerous consequences for your Internet Marketing Success Quest.

You should never consider approaching the starting gate of your Internet Marketing Success Quest until you can answer these two question and even then, you don’t approach the IMA until you expand your answers by asking more questions and continue the process of information gathering and exploring. You can never have too much information.

“Get Learned or get Burned,” is something to remember.

Why do you want to enter the ‘Internet Marketing Arena?’

What do you really know about the ‘Internet Marketing Arena?’

These questions, and their answers, are ingredients that make-up the magical key that unlocks the door, that leads a budding Internet Marketer, to the world of extraordinary and, to the world where dreams come true.

Isn’t it worth days, weeks and even months if need be, to exert the due diligence, exploration and information aggregation needed to protect and serve you well? Take the time, and extra effort, to get those answers.

The information that you glean will enable you to confidently dig deeper and expand your knowledge and understanding of the IMA and, this will also help facilitate the unearthing of authenticate, legitimate and sustainable success stories for you to emulate and aspire to.

Hot Tip: If you’re looking to enter the “Arena” because you’re unemployed and need fast money, then do yourself and your family a favor, be responsible, and get 4 more-part time jobs.

Continue your information gathering and exploring the IMA to see what it’s all about and, in time, this information and exploration expedition will eventually lead you to a sustainable victory on your IMA Success Quest.

“Never give up” on your dream of becoming a victorious warrior in the Internet Marketing Arena just do it slowly, carefully and responsibly.


Simple message here: In the Internet Marketing Arena, as in any other industry’s Success Quests, there will always be retreats, respites, setbacks, deflections, diversions and defeat.

If your unwavering commitment to your Success Quest is based on the premise that you’ll “never ever give up striving to succeed,” how could you possibly fail in anything that you decide to do?

What else can an entrepreneur to do to prepare for their Success Quest?

Start by personally answering these additional questions with brutal honesty, and increase your chances of success:

1-What specifically do you find attractive about launching a Success Quest in the Internet Marketing Arena?

2-What distinguishing features of the Internet Marketing Arena do you find intimidating? What are you going to do about it?

3-Who are you launching this Success Quest for? Why?

4-How bad do you need to succeed in the IMA?

5-What are you willing to do, and give up, if you have to, in order to succeed in the IMA?

6-Are you able (family and work obligations?) and willing, to put in the time and dedication required, to exert the proper due diligence and information aggregation needed for success in the IMA? Please understand that this is the only way to ensure victory on any type of Success Quest?

7-How much time do you think you should devote to the process of information aggregation about the IMA?

The commitment that you make to your IMA Success Quest must be unwavering and indefatigable.

If you’re completely honest with yourself, the answers to these questions will provide the insight needed to be able to reveal whether or not, your commitment is incorruptible.

If the answers to these questions leave much too much doubt on the table, don’t be afraid to admit that you’re not ready to launch your Success Quest. This is just a temporary situation. This is just a signal that it’s time to retreat and review your life and business plans.

Retreating is not giving up. It’s being smart and responsible by postponing, rethinking and reexamining all the information you gathered. Fortunately, you’ll now also have the opportunity to start the process of renewed introspection, a powerful Success Support Tool at any point in time.

When you’re ready, you’ll just launch again. You initiate this cycle as many times as it’s needed to achieve your goals and bring home the success and changes you’ve dreamed about.

Remember: “If you do not give up you cannot fail.”

You’ll want to keep the answers to these questions close at hand so that they’re available to remind you why you decided to enter the IMA. These answers can also provide you with the motivation and inspiration you’ll need on your Success Quest in the IMA.

An added benefit of digging deep enough to realize the truthful, and nothing but the truthful, answers to these questions will also generate the guidance, support, and most important of all, the fortitude to support the premise you committed to that you’ll never give up until you achieve a victorious, enduring Success Quest.


We should get this out of the way right now: There is no such thing as “original” ideas. There are just borrowed ideas or concepts with a fresh twist to them.

It’s time to build a treasure-trove of Success Quest Internet Marketing options and ideas. The more the better. Here’s where you have some fun and get creative. It doesn’t matter whether you know the direction of your Internet Marketing Journey or not it’s just crucial that you start to develop some framework that you can work within.

Some development tips:

1-Become a Googlearian and start to research the Internet Marketing world. Search for the most successful and popular Internet Marketers, and their sites and, more importantly, “How they made it happen.”

2- The Process for Creating Original Ideas: Use the concept of “Ulterior Upcycling” (My Concept) to create “original” ideas.

“Ulterior” Defined: Existing beyond what is obvious or admitted; beyond what is immediate or present; coming in the future.

“Upcycling” Defined: Reuse in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

When looking for “original” ideas or concepts, start on the “roads less traveled” and stay “off the beaten paths.” Take these great ideas or concepts that you discover on these “unchartered roads” and get creative.

First, determine and pinpoint the most successful and popular ideas or concepts in today’s Internet Marketing Arena. Then continue on to “Creatively Rework” the one you’re most passionate about with your discoveries but make it much more innovative and exciting. Your endgame objective is to aspire to make the new blended idea or concept, your “original” idea or concept of tomorrow.

These are two time-worn sayings but, they’re still invaluable and an important part of the foundation that supports creativity and inventiveness.

Don’t confine your exploration expeditions to one industry. Cross all borders and boundaries and “borrow” ideas and concepts from polar opposite industries and companies whenever possible. Borrow them, Rework them, Improve them and make them yours.

3- A few options to inspire and stimulate creativity:

a- Research old successful ideas from decades ago and meld them with what you found on those “unchartered roads.”

b- Take both sources in letter “a” and combine it with the hottest ideas of today. Create an “original” idea by using multiple ideas.

c- Pull out single distinguishing features of successful ideas or concepts and graft them and transplant them to other ideas and concepts.

Have fun and play with the ideas that you Borrowed. The crazier your thoughts are the better. Different, outlandish, off the wall and even a little weird, would be good adjectives to describe what you need to do to them creatively.

Don’t judge any of them until you have 6-12 ideas on paper. Pick the top 4 and move them into development to be refined, tamed and infused with tractability.

When you’ve cleaned them up it’s time to move them to the “decision” table.


You now have 4 “original” ideas or Internet Marketing concepts and you want to select one to use to launch and build a Success Quest. Which one stays and which one goes? The more options the better. Ideas drop in and drop out as well.

Without knowing anything about you it’s impossible to get specific but there are several questions that might help you pick the option to use to build your Success Quest in the Internet Marketing Arena:

Special Note:

There should never be a time where you banish an idea to oblivion. Remember, all ideas are partly or wholly reusable when reworked, tweaked and finessed with some “creativity.” Buy folders, notebooks and file each and every idea that you come up with. The more ideas that you can come up with the better. Ideas don’t always pan out and you need as many as possible waiting in the wings.

Back to the Questions:

a-Which option tends to take a prominent position in your thoughts when thinking about your 4 choices?

b-Based on all your research is there one option that stands out as one that makes you smile more than the others?

c-Have you weighed the pros and cons of each option? If not take 4 pieces of paper with each page being divided in two. One side for the pros and the other side for the cons.

d- Which one did you do more research on?

e-Feeling strange? Feeling confused? It’s probably not what you think it is. When you’re intuition needs to speak with you it doesn’t do too well when it’s being ignored. Your intuition is very insecure because most people mistake its presence with the feelings of fear or nervousness.

Respect it and give your intuition the benefit of the doubt and it will assist you in such mighty ways. Assume your intuition is on the job waiting for you to speak with it and proceed to start a discussion with it.

Use the 5W’s +1+1 and a paper and pen to see what your intuition is trying to share with you. Ask it questions that start with Who, What, Where, When, Why and How and, add “Which” when choices and options are involved.

Sit quietly and close your eyes. Ask yourself questions like, Why am I feeling this way? What are you trying to tell me? Which one do you think I should go with? Why do you feel that way? Ask questions out loud and then remain still, listening for the answers. Write everything down no matter how silly it may be.

Sounds crazy, right? Yes, but it works and, only if you believe in your intuition and give it the respect it deserves. Be patient and give it the chance to show you what it’s capable of doing.

IMPORTANT: Your intuition is powered up and strengthened by information and/or life experiences. The more research, information and life experiences that you feed your intuition the more you can rely on it and, the more you can be assured that your intuition, is working optimally and, providing you with the “appropriate feelings” that will lead you to accurate decisions and choices.

DON’T FORGET: You’re allowed to make mistakes and nothing is forever. You can always change your mind and pick another option. If you make mistakes find how it happened and why. It’s a teachable moment. Embrace it and move on.


“in-retrospect” defined: When looking back on a past event or situation; with hindsight. Synonyms: looking back, on reflection, on re-examination, in/with hindsight

Examples: 1-“perhaps, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have gone” 2-“in retrospect, we can see that more guards should have been installed at the front gate”

In retrospect, we’re all geniuses. The old “20/20 is hindsight” idiom is a lame excuse in most cases and, it’s used as a euphemism for “I was too lazy to dig deep and do my “Information Aggregation.”

You don’t want to have to be standing in front of your business team or family, explaining the devastation before you, and have to declare “in retrospect, I should have known that.”

There will be many times that you unequivocally knew, that you did everything humanly possible to complete a comprehensive information aggregation along with a thorough exploration, investigation and probe of the Internet Marketing Arena and yet, “stuff” still happened.

When you’ve done everything to plan and prepare, and setbacks, diversions and mistakes still engulf you, this is a condition that is known as “Shit Happens.” It’s just life happening and, there’s no rhyme or reason for the situation at hand.

In these cases: “Forgive yourself for not having the foresight to know what now seems so obvious in hindsight.” – Judy Belmont

What to do next when this is not the case:

You’ve done the heavy lifting, picked the internet marketing concept that you want to launch your Success Quest with and now, it’s time to enter the Arena, The Internet Marketing Arena.

Know this before you enter the “Arena”: Entering “The Arena” is the easy part of your Success Quest. Maintaining, Sustaining and “Dancing” with Reality is the most challenging part and, the crucial link to achieving a sustainable victory on your Success Quest.

Keeping the process simple and at top-of-mind are the essential elements in supporting the course of action needed for the maintaining and sustaining of your emerging Success Quest.

The Process is:

Step #1: Vigilance + Retrospection and Review.

Step #2: Fix it + Learn from it + File it + Move on.

Step #1: Deliberate and incessant 24/7/365 “Vigilance” from your watchtower is absolutely necessary to maintain the balance and safety of your Success Quest.

Proceeding with eyes wide open panoramically and, being on the deliberate and purposeful lookout for the “bad stuff” and the “good stuff,” will keep you securely in proactive mode and, enable you to counter the effects of the “Bad Stuff” while taking advantage of the “Good Stuff.”

Applying “Retrospection and Review” to the “Bad Stuff” will mitigate or eliminate the setbacks, diversions and mistakes that jump out at you. By having the ability and state of mind to identify these adverse situations in a timely fashion, will allow you the opportunity to examine the past and then, “go back to the future” to work on remedies and solutions.

The application of the “Retrospection and Review” process will also allow you to pinpoint and identify business and personal opportunities that you’re able to take advantage of and, develop into full blown “marketing marvels.”

Step #2: “Bad Stuff” get’s “Fixed” and the “Good Stuff” goes into development. Intently and thoroughly examine the “Bad Stuff.” Determine what happened and Learn from it. Figure out how to fix it and then move forward. Write down what happened, how it was solved and then file the information for future use.

Success Support Tools:

Two Links leading to indispensable Success Support Tools that will help you with all the steps and ideas in this entire article and, throughout your entire Success Quest are:

1 – Questions: The 5W’s +1

2 – S.W.O.T.

The advice and information in this entire article is meant to be used before you step up to the starting gate of your Success Quest.

The article’s prime mission is to encourage and inspire you to aggressively acquire the knowledge and understanding of where you’re going, why you’re going there and remind you that sustainable success is more attainable with a “balanced” life.

Reminder: Ask Questions + Gather Information + Gain Knowledge + Acquire Understanding + Disseminate Information + Communicate Transparently= The attainment of a “balanced life”

I wish you all the best. Just remember “if you never give up, you will not fail”

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Easy to Follow Site Flipping Strategy

Here is a simple, straightforward and powerful site flipping strategy that you can use to make money online fairly quickly and easily…

1) Find a niche for the site

There are many different ways to do this but one good way for sites you are going to flip is to go to Clickbank.com and look at what’s selling there. Check out the top 5 or 10 products in each category to get an idea of what’s selling in many different niches. If it’s high up on the list then it’s obviously selling well, so you could choose one to build a site around.

2) Research the keywords

I just use the Google keyword planner tool because it’s free, easy to use, and works well enough for me. You can use another tool if you want but there’s really no reason to. It’s totally up to you.

Look for keywords that relate to the niche you chose above in step one. For example, if you chose the weight loss niche because of how well the products are selling on Clickbank, you could use keywords such as:

weight loss tips
how to lose weight
healthy weight loss
fast weight loss
natural weight loss

And so on…

Choose maybe 10 to 20 keyword phrases that you can base your websites articles/posts around. You will also need to write the articles or hire someone to write them for you, so you can post them on the site as soon as you get it built.

3) Register your domain

Now it is time to register your domain name. I recommend GoDaddy.com for that simply because most of your potential buyers will either have an account there, or will at least know what godaddy is, so it makes it much easier to transfer for free.

You should always try to get a domain name with the main keywords in it or something relevant. For example, using our sample keywords from above you would want to register something like weightlosstips.com if it was available. You can also check .net and .org to get a good domain, but get a .com if you can. Anytime you can get an exact match domain for your keywords you should always do it. Only add extra words when necessary.

4) Build the site

I’m assuming you already have a web host if you are looking into flipping websites, but if you don’t then I highly recommend HostGator.

I usually just use the wordpress.org free publishing platform (this is different from their wordpress.com version so don’t get them confused) to build the site/blog because they are popular, free, easy to install, have a lot of great plugins, simple to use, have tons of themes to choose from, and so much more. Basically they are perfect to use for building sites to flip. Plus, if you do use hostgator then you can easily install wordpress with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Once you have the site live you need to add the content that you wrote up in step two.

5) Promote the site

There are a few fairly quick and completely free things you can do to promote the site to start getting some traffic to it and maybe even make a little money from it. This is a very good thing to do before you flip it because it looks great to potential buyers and can really increase the value.

The first thing I recommend doing is to submit a few articles to directories. This is a good way to start getting traffic and building backlinks. You should write maybe 5 good quality original articles and submit them to ezinearticles.com as well as a handful of other top article directories. Be sure to put a link or two in the resource box to your site.

Another thing I recommend doing is social bookmarking the site and the articles you posted. This can be done quickly and easily with social media services such as imautomator.com or socialmonkee.com or several other social tools out there for free or a very small cost. You can also just do it manually. I’m sure you already have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, Delicious, and other accounts of your own. How much traffic you get from this depends on a number of factors, it could be a lot or very little, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to do.

Finally, you should find several blogs and forums related to your niche, and post comments on them or replies to threads. This is another way to get several free backlinks and traffic for very little effort. And it will look good for your auction when you sell the site. Be sure to only post legitimate replies on posts that are relevant to the niche of your site.

Of course, you can do as much marketing as you want. The more the better. But this should be sufficient to help increase the value for a site flip.

6) Build Web 2.0 support sites

Use blogger, tumblr, livejournal and others to build smaller support sites that link to your site for more backlinks and some extra traffic. This goes along with promoting the site in step five but it takes it a little further and looks even better to potential buyers. Plus, you can include some of these web 2.0 support sites in the sale if you want. Not all of them allow you to transfer to new owners but some do.

7) Site maintenance

This is an optional step. If you plan to flip your website immediately then you can skip it. However, if you plan to continue to build several sites for selling at a later time then this step is important.

Monitor and maintain the site to see if traffic and rankings are increasing, and if it starts to make money. If not, you can do more promoting of the site as outlined in steps five and six as well as using other internet marketing strategies. The more traffic, higher rankings, and earnings you can show the site has — the more money it will be worth.

8) Flip it

Selling it on Flippa.com is likely your best option for a quick flip like this but there are other marketplaces you can also sell it on if you want. The amount you get for each site will vary greatly based on several factors. It’s impossible for me to tell you right now how much money you will make from each sale. It can be a lot, it can be just a little, or you might not be able to sell some of them at all.

If you really want a rough ballpark estimate, I would say you can probably get around $300 for a site you built from scratch following the steps above without doing anything else, and much more for an established site. But as I said, it’s hard to tell, and you will certainly get much more or much less for different site flips. Either way, it can be a great way to make money online considering the actual time and effort needed to work this simple site flipping strategy.

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How Many Business Failures Have You Pushed Through?

What is one of the things that virtually all highly successful people have in common?

They have failed many times!

But the difference between them and most other people is that failure didn’t stop them. They got up, dusted off, and pushed through it – time and time again – until they succeeded.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ~Thomas Edison

Yes, every failure is one step closer to success! Even those who are incredibly successful people or businesses still fail all the time. Google is one of the most successful companies in the world and they continue to have failed projects all the time. The same goes for Microsoft, Apple, Ford, Dell, and just about every other huge corporation.

Look at Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and most other huge names in business… They all had their ups and downs, but became incredibly successful because they didn’t quit. I’m obviously nowhere near their level but I have built a successful digital marketing business, and I don’t think I could even begin to remember all the failures I’ve had leading up to this point. I’ll almost certainly have many more in the future as well. That’s fine with me because I know that every time I fail at something, I am that much closer to succeeding the next time or the time after that.

“Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~Thomas Edison

When you are going through hell just keep on going! You will come out at the other end a better person and more successful in many ways. You will fail at many things in your lifetime. That is an unavoidable fact of life (and business). But what separates the winners from the losers is attitude. Winners push through failures until they are successful.

Never give up! You only truly fail when you quit trying. Some internet marketers become successful in a matter of months, but the vast majority take years to do it. Even the “overnight success” stories usually took a LOT longer than most people realize. Do not get discouraged if your internet marketing business isn’t at the level you thought it would be at this point in time. We’ve all been there. Just keep going until you are where you want to be.

I’ll never forget something one of my mentors told me when I was first starting my online business years ago. He said, “failure is not permanent, and neither is success!” His point was that you should never give up when you fail at something and you should never become complacent when you do find success.

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The Rich Jerk Review – Perspective from a Long Time Internet Marketer

Review of the Rich Jerk

Whether you are new to internet marketing (IM) or been in the business for a long time, you have almost certainly heard of “The Rich Jerk” program.

I’d even be willing to bet you have already bought it or you are planning to. Period. You know it and I know it. I’m trying not to be too overdramatic but it’s hard to deny that this is one of those rare don’t-want-to-miss products! You probably don’t even need a rich jerk review because deep down inside you are already sold.

I bought it twice (yes, 2 times) — the first time when it launched more than a decade ago and again when it relaunched this year — and I am convinced that this is one of the few money making products that virtually everyone can benefit from at all levels. I truly believe that to be a fact. My review of the rich jerk is absolutely positive! I’ll tell you that right now as a spoiler alert. But please proceed…

Before you get too far, you might want to check out the Rich Jerk sales page, if you haven’t already. It’s insane!

The New Version of Rich Jerk Was A Monster Launch!

Be prepared because you’re going to be hearing about it high and low from every guru out there, if you haven’t already, which means… wait for it… there is a healthy affiliate commission for the marketers. While I can’t comment on that commission split, I know it’s significant. So, shouldn’t that mean you should steer clear of buying this?

No, actually, not in this case! It means that these guys know how to do internet marketing right, as having an army of affiliates is one of the most productive things an internet marketer can do for a big launch.

This actually tells you that these guys know what they’re doing. Respect to them for understanding the process of how the niche works; big time affiliates are critical to a big launch.

Should you pay attention to most products that come out in the IM space? Absolutely not! I’d say you should skip about 98% of them. But the Rich Jerk is a truly rare cut above the rest. Dating back to the original version, it has a long history of producing real world results, a very, very long history – it has a lot of changed lives and will continue to do so.

And with such a low entry price point most people will easily find the cash to invest. For those of you who aren’t yet fully ingrained in the internet marketing community, you might be a bit confused by this launch, and the sheer audacity of it all. Hang with me and let me bring you up to speed on things really quick…

Who Is The Rich Jerk And Why Should You Buy It? (Even After Seeing That Crazy Sales Page)

The guys behind this system are very much the real deal. Sure, the rich jerk is a fictional persona, but the knowledge contained in the product is very real and life changing, as you will discover immediately after you buy the course.

Yes, they are serious, and no, they are not serious. Confusing, huh? What I mean is that the team over at The Rich Jerk is serious about helping average people get access to life changing online marketing information and tools, but no, they are not serious when it comes to creating their sales page. It’s all in good fun and meant to be shocking.

I personally think the sales page is an absolute riot. If you’ve been in the make money online, internet marketing, SEO, or affiliate game for a while this sales page will smack you right in the funny bone. You know how refreshing it is for something to be different.

No, it is not meant to be serious, and it is basically the opposite of every “how to earn money online” sales page you’ve ever seen. I get it, and I like it. I hope you did too. If you didn’t then maybe you are taking yourself a bit too seriously. The absolute over-the-top-ness is hysterical.

But, it’s not all for giggles, there is some serious stuff contained inside the course. The income claims made by many of the top IM folks in the world on that sales page are the real deal. As you may or may not know The Rich Jerk is one of the most successful internet marketing products ever sold.

It really did launch the careers of a lot of the top internet marketing professionals and gurus we all know today back when it originally came out — And this new version is even better!

People in the SEO and make money online world have gotten used to very high priced products, so much so that a few might want to overlook this course due to its lower price. But, we would warn against that, because for your measly investment you’re going to learn a lot of golden nuggets in the course. And as you know a few golden nuggets are worth thousands of dollars in our industry.

What Exactly Is Contained In The Rich Jerk Course?

Well, I can’t give you specific details, but I can say the program is broken down into several modules. The main ones are:

  • SEO Training
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Launch Jacking

(plus a whole lot more)

These are all very profitable and for the most part passive ways to make money online.

You don’t have to babysit clients or wait around for anyone. Just pick your niches, choose your products, create your sites/ads, and collect the cash. I think that’s a huge bonus for the average person who is just getting into online marketing. They shouldn’t be getting into client SEO or business consulting because they don’t yet have the experience and it’s a huge time commitment. The Rich Jerk system will let average person get up-to-date information on how to really kill it with SEO and paid traffic to earn money online quickly.

For those of us who’ve been around the block, we want in on this product because we know that these guys have tested the crap out of these methods and we’re getting a lot of expertise for a very appealing price. Higher level SEO and paid traffic courses that go into big time depth are often in the thousands of dollars, and usually still don’t give as much real usable information as the rich jerk program does.

If you’re looking to get into affiliate SEO to offset your client SEO, this would be a great product to pick up to get you heading in that direction. If you’re new to the whole online business realm this should be your very first serious product, do not hesitate to buy now.

As with any legitimate course, in order to get success out of it, you need to follow the methods to the letter.

Even if you already know SEO or Facebook ads, a lot of the stuff in here has never been revealed before, so take everything you know and put it aside to test the new and advanced methods within the course exactly as written. Nothing messes up a marketing campaign more than taking a little from here and little from there and trying to mix the two together. The methods are tested and they work.

Launch jacking isn’t really my thing, but I know you can make a lot of money fast with this method. I know many people that do. The caveat here is that, with the big launches, there is going to be some serious SEO competition for the top rankings. You had better know what you’re doing or forget about it… Which is exactly why you need this course!

If you have a list of buyers, prospects, or just people interested in internet marketing or making money online then launch jacking is definitely something you can have great success with. The tips in the rich jerk will be very beneficial to you in that area. You can also build your list while earning money on the internet, which will in turn help you make even more. Yes, you can also launch jack products outside the IM space as well. In fact, those can often be even easier and more profitable.

Anyway, there are a lot of other Rich Jerk reviews out there that are informative as well, and I have yet to see anything negative about the course, other than a few people who criticize the obnoxious style in which the Rich Jerk portrays himself, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the system itself.

I want you to succeed and applying the information in this program can definitely help you do so. That is why I recommend buying it now. This jewel is truly a must have for almost anyone in the online marketing industry or looking to get into it, and I don’t say that very often at all. I guess that concludes my Rich Jerk review. It’s extremely rare for me to recommend a product so highly. Yes, it’s THAT good!

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How to Build a Free Blog Network for SEO

This is a training video for how to build a private SEO network for free and dominate rankings! This is a free alternative to building a high PR blog network. Enjoy…

Video transcript for quick reference or reading along:

Welcome back to another edition of BAM internet marketing training. Today we are going to be talking about building private networks for SEO dominance, and how to build them for free.

Link building for search engine optimization purposes has become increasing difficult in recent years with all the Google updates and penalties they are handing out in their newly waged war on links. Quite frankly they’ve made it a pain in the ass.

But it can still be done and still needs to be done if you ever want to have any real SEO success. And doing it this way still works very well and is much safer than just about every other link building strategy out there.

First, let’s talk a little about why these private networks work and the reasons for building them for SEO purposes…

* How it works:

When one site links to another site it transfers “link juice” to that site. That in turn increases its rank in Google. However, not only does the link juice go to the initial site, it also goes to all the sites the initial site is linking to.

For example; 1000 links go to a website. That website then links to your site. The power of those 1000 links is then transferred from the middle site to your site. The power is slightly diminished but so are the risks of direct linking.

To summarize, if a site links to your site, you not only gain juice from that link, but you also gain juice from the links pointing to that site.

* The Reason for Buffer Network Sites:

You might be wondering… Why not just send all of the links to your main site?

Well, the main reason is simply because Google hates that – A LOT. In fact, sending a ton of links to your site quickly is just asking for a penalty that would completely wipe out all your SEO efforts and kill your site overnight! It can work very well for a short time, but eventually it would catch up with you and get you penalized.

This is why instead of linking directly to your site, you build mass amount of links pointing to buffer sites that then link to your site. This way you gain all the juice without risking a red flag in Google as explained above.

* How the Networks Are Built

Building each network is pretty simple and straightforward. Here’s how to do it…

1) Create accounts on various blogging platforms and web 2.0 sites to be used for the properties… blogger, wordpress, tumblr, Squidoo, livejournal, blinkweb, weebly, ezinearticles, wiki sites, etc… there’s a ton of them out there.

I recommend not using the same ones over and over again. You have so many options that it’s good to randomly use different ones for each network site so you don’t leave a footprint and you lower your risk in case any of them ever shut down or anything else.

2) Write content articles and make the sites relevant to yours. Anywhere between 300-500 words is fine. At least one article per site. The more the better for stickiness. Write them yourself if you are going for the totally free route. Or I recommend iwriter for purchasing good articles for this at great prices if you don’t mind spending a little money.

3) Build the sites you created in step 1 using the articles you have written in step 2. You will be building 5 sites on tier one that will link directly to your money site, and 10 sites on tier two that will link to each other and to tier one. All links are one-way and everything flows towards your site at the top.

4) Create a short video and upload to youtube with a link to your site. This doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. It can be a slideshow of pictures related to the niche or just you sitting in front of your webcam saying a couple paragraphs about the money site. 30 seconds is fine. That will link directly to your website in the description.

5) Send mass links to the 2nd tier so the juice will be transferred through to your site and also to the youtube video. This can be done through…

  • Article Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Comments
  • Forum Profiles
  • Press Releases
  • Videos
  • Photo Sharing
  • Wikis
  • Microblogs
  • Trackbacks
  • Document Sharing
  • Web 2.0 Properties

…and many more!

It can be done manually and therefore completely free but it will take you a lot of time and effort. I recommend using something like GSA or SEnuke to save a ton of time by doing it automatically.

Obviously there is quite a bit of work that goes into each step above. This is just the simplified overview of how it is basically done. I’m not going in-depth on each step due to the fact that it would take quite a while to explain it all and this video would end up being really long. However, if you want more information just get in contact with me and I will be happy to discuss it with you.

This works really well for local SEO clients especially and lower competition keywords. I’ve seen it work for medium to a bit harder keywords as well. And the best part is that over time the network sites themselves also start to rank. So not only do you get high rankings for your own site but you also bump some of your competitors down as you take over more spots on the first page with your mini-network sites.

I’ve been using this strategy for a couple years now and it has worked very well, and still is today. So give it a shot right now. You can thank me later for your newfound SEO success and all the money you are making!

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